Sachet water quality and product registration: a cross-sectional study in Accra, Ghana

Water and Health

By Mawuli Dzodzomenyo, Gunther Fink, Winfred Dotse-G, Nicola Wardrop, Genevieve Aryeetey, Nathaniel Coleman, Allan Hill, Jim Wright in publication

June 1, 2018


June 1, 2018


12:00 AM

Abstract: The study’s objectives were to assess the extent to which packaged water producers follow product registration procedures and to assess the relationship between product registration and drinking water quality in Accra, Ghana. Following preliminary analysis of a national water quality survey, 118 packaged sachet water samples were collected by sampling all brands sold by 66 vendors. A sample of vendors was selected from two high-income and two low-income areas of Accra, Ghana. Sachet packaging and labelling details were recorded and compared to a regulatory database to assess product registration. All samples were weighed and tested for faecal indicator bacteria and selected physico-chemical parameters. Product registration numbers and brand names could be matched to regulatory records for 77 of 118 sachets (65.2%). All samples tested were compliant with national water quality standards for faecal indicator bacteria and nitrate. Brand registration was not associated with any of the quality indicators considered. The results of this study suggest that while a substantial proportion of sachet water is sold without formal product registration, the microbial quality of the unlicensed water is consistently high in Accra, Ghana. Further examination of regulatory enforcement and monitoring will be needed to ensure sustained high water quality over time.

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June 1, 2018
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